Journal Online Series of Agri and Aquaculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest practices the humanity has ever constructed to feed its growing population. Geographical climatic and the technological factors extensively impact the agrarian affair. Despite several inventions and rapid-fire progress in the agrarian practices and the yield, factors like global warming, climate change followed by famines, shortage, and cataracts are hanging the husbandry worldwide. The fresh and marine water sources that are home for nutritional natural food is decreasingly affected due to magpie mortal intervention, performing in high impurity, and toxin. Both husbandry and monoculture are being pressurized due to urbanization, modernization and industrialization. The environmental activists are emphasizing the significance of organic husbandry and maintaining pollution free marine and fresh water sources, in order to insure food security for the entire humanity.

The Journal online series of Agri and Aquaculture contains below topics:

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
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